Releasing your shoulds & shining a light on your powerhouse path has never been more possible.



You’re a go-getter. You’re all in.

You followed the path, toed the line, and never said no. And you’ve lost yourself & your heart in the process.

But no matter how far up the ladder you’ve climbed, no matter how many success trophies you collect, you find yourself wondering is this all there is? (There’s so much more waiting for you.)

From the relentless stress and sleepless nights to feeling deeply burned out, you’re ready to do something differently.

It’s time to forget about hitting the ground running. Around here, we hit the ground dreaming.

Carolina Migliaccio standing hands in pockets

I’m Carolina Migliaccio

The soulful strategist who turns up the volume on your truth. And I’m on a mission to reconnect you with what truly fuels your soul and how you show up in the world.

I sashayed away from the big Corporate Branding Executive sandbox to play in pivotal spaces that are reshaping the world.

If you’re here, you’re standing at a fork in the road and wondering which end is rightside up for you. You’re not sure about which path will actually ignite your passion and sense of self.

Together, we’ll leverage your philosophies, strengths, and beliefs to set you up with successes that fill your soul.

Forget about performative achievements. This is pure transformative power that defines your version of ultimate wealth.

You have the complete freedom to live a life you love, on your own terms. The choice is yours.

Moments of moxie

Explore the inspirational guidance that amplifies
your vibrancy and voice.

book on the beach with a sunset background, two pages turned up into a heart shape

It’s An Inside Job

What you seek is not only an inside job.
It’s also about choosing you first.

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woman in front of mountain with arms raised to the sky

The Art of Unfolding

Embracing the dichotomy of the woman. And my soul smiles.

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birds flying in formation against a sunset sky

Just Ok Isn’t Ok

What would bring you joy?
What would you love?

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Sparking your soul starts here.

1:1 Bespoke Coaching

Uplevel your life with these 1:1 sessions that deliver the clarity you need to move confidently forward in a way that feels great.

Group Intensives

Become the person you know you can be with experiences centered on motivation, encouragement & support for your goals.


Speeches customized for your teams to live in alignment, be courageous, and dream louder.

When Love Speaks

A Collection of Love Stories

There is a story that is near and dear to my heart that has now been published along with the stories of 43 other brave individuals, other contadoras. Each of us has chosen to share our journey of becoming the person we were born to be and of doing what we are born to do. Through sharing stories of self-discovery and transformation, we heal, connect and aim to inspire others to open up to the love that speaks through us all.

When Love Speaks is not an ordinary book.

Rather, an inspiration and hope for humanity and our future. We all deserve to live in love and prosperity and feel completely fulfilled and utterly alive!

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