The Art of Unfolding

woman in front of mountain with arms raised to the sky

You see me.
You get me.
You push me.
You call my bluff.
You nurture me.
You help me see the possibilities.

We play in the messiness.

You push me to the edge.

And that edge.

You helped me see the power that I didn’t want to see.

Ignited the spark and unleashed the power.

The power that I had bottled, stuffed down

Because I was always told, ‘I was always too much’

That ‘too much’ is ME.

That expression comes from the depths of my soul.

I recognize it.

I’m hesitant of it.

And now,

I’ve become reacquainted with it like an old friend.

The depths are deep.

Encased with deep wisdom.

Fueled by passion.

Propelled by purpose.

Power, as untamed as a lioness protecting her cubs.
Power, as forceful as the winds before a hurricane.
Power, as quiet as the whisper in the air.
Power, as gentle as a summer’s breeze.
Power, as graceful as a hummingbird.

Embracing the dichotomy of the woman. And my soul smiles.

P.S. – Luisa, this one is for you and because of you ❤