Just Ok Isn’t Ok

birds flying in formation against a sunset sky

I’m good.

I’m fine.

I’m ok.

Why not fabulous?

Why not fantastic?

Why not amazing?

Somehow, you’ve just allowed yourself to be okay with just being okay. 

You’ve wallowed and floated in the sea of apathy,

the sea of languishing.

Where is the passion?

Where is the joy?

Where is the fire in your belly?

Somehow, you got in this autopilot rut of your life,

checking the boxes,

pushing the peanut uphill,

thinking that life is hard,

You’ve gotten use to it all.

You’re like the frog on slow simmer.

You’re constrained by what you say you don’t have.

You keep yourself tethered in the shadow of lack and adversity.

Because it’s easier.

Because you don’t believe.

Why are you staying where you don’t belong?

You have the courage and the fortitude to jump.

It’s a choice.

All you need to do is decide.

What would bring you joy?

What would you love?

Choose you.

Be Free

Amplify Your Voice and Dream Louder.