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Group programs of pure
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If you’re here, you’re standing at a fork in the road and wondering which end is rightside up for you. You’re not sure about which path will actually ignite your passion and sense of self.

Together, we’ll release the shoulds while you step into a new season of strength, certainty, and success.

All of our group conversations adapt and pivot in real time around the guidance the collective needs.

The MicroMinds & Challenges

Quick doses of self-empowerment that reconnect you with your heart and channel real happiness.

Unshackle the Shoulds

Unleash Yourself From the Ties That Bind You

Get unstuck from what’s holding you back. Ignite the aliveness inside you. Step into abundance and prosperity with ease! 

This is the ultimate jumpstart to recentering your soul, resetting self-talk, and regrounding your heart in what you actually want.

  • 2 Days of Live Online Learnings
  • 2 Group Zoom Calls
  • Community, Camaraderie & Accountability

Starts December 13th, 2022

Harness the Power of Your Past

Reconnect with Your Awesomeness & Be Unshakable

3-Day MicroMind

Is your past nudging at your soul like a kid tugging on your pant leg? Get clarity and emotional clearing around past pain with this illuminating MicroMind. Over 3 days, you’ll begin to see the lessons & beauty in your history, and start harnessing that power for whatever comes next.

  • 3 Days of Lessons
  • 1 Group Zoom Call
  • Community, Camaraderie & Accountability
  • Unlimited Group Voxer Discussions & Support

Step Out & Grow Your Wings

Be the Pilot of Your Flight Plan

5-Day MicroMind

You’re ready to get your life on the “right” path, but you’re not even sure what that looks like (yet). In this 5-day MicroMind, join other magnificent women like you, as you take the first step towards sorting it out.

  • 5 Days of Lessons
  • 2 Group Zoom Calls
  • Community, Camaraderie & Accountability
  • Unlimited Group Voxer Discussions & Support

It’s All In the Pause

Slow Down & Rise to Find What You’re Seeking

10-Day Live Group Challenge

What you seek is already inside you, but it’s hard to get a clear message when so much of your life is spent teetering on the edge of burnout. This 10-Day online challenge slows down the constant onslaught of demands so you can finally tune in to what your heart has been telling you all along.

  • 10 Days of Live Online Learnings
  • 2 Q & A Group Zoom Calls
  • Community, Camaraderie & Accountability

The Signature MasterMinds

Long term teachings, community & transformations for stepping into your brilliant power.

Soulful Moxie Intensive

Live Life Authentically on YOUR Terms Without Sacrificing What You Want Most

6-Week MasterMind
Limited Availability

Over the course of six weeks, take back control over your life, get clear on your path forward and keep everything that’s important to you!

This live and interactive mastermind will support you to reconnect with your soulful wisdom, to get out of your head and rekindle your passion, and step into your power.

You should be doing life, not life doing you!

Enter your next season of success!

  • 6 weeks of Strategies & Tools
  • Weekly Live & Intimate Group Zoom Connections & Hot Seat Coaching
  • Community, Camaraderie & Accountability
  • Unlimited Group Voxer Discussions & Support

STARTS: January 3rd, 2023

Dreaming Louder!

Reconnect With Your Greatness & Design Your Path Forward

6-Month Signature MasterMind Program

Limited Availability & Application-Only

You’ve known for a long time that there’s so much more waiting for you. This six-month group journey gives you the fundamental tools you need to amplify your shine and live the life you dream of. Together, we’ll reset your mindset, release your shoulds, rediscover who you are and what you want, reconnect with your purpose, and re-imagine a new path to success that fills your soul.

  • 6 Months of In-Depth Module Lessons
  • Intimate & Interactive Group Calls
  • Weekly 1-Hour Connect Zoom Calls
  • A Private Group for Community & Accountability
  • Unlimited Group Voxer Discussions & Support
  • BONUS: Access to Step Out & Grow Your Wings:
    The 2-Day Online Immersion

STARTS: May 23, 2022

Audaciously Fearless

Embracing Your Power & Playing on Your Edge

3-Week MasterMind
Limited Availability

Finally pinpoint the fears that keep you playing small — and sort through them with ease and simplicity. Over the course of three weeks, this mastermind guides you not only through identifying what you’re afraid of, but also how to overcome it & enter your next season of success.

  • 21 Days of Lessons
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • Community, Camaraderie & Accountability
  • Unlimited Group Voxer Discussions & Support

If it’s time to change your life & you’re not sure where to start, I’ll help you get sorted.

Just book a free, no-pressure call, and let’s talk about
where you’re at.

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