turn up

your truth

& take back your life.

We were born beautifully open.
Innocently playful. Curiously fearless.

But over the years, we’ve started holding ourselves hostage. Our minds are our captor. Our emotions are our handcuffs. And societal pressures & expectations are telling us the whole time that this is what we should want.

The thing about hostages is they can fall in love with their captors as they get more comfy with the situation.

In parallel, we can get accustomed to the situations, people, and beliefs that we know. We accept what we don’t like because we’ve been conditioned to.

The weight of everyone else’s wants can erode our passions & keep us playing small.

That stops here, when you start living for you.

A lot of people finally jolt awake at the sign of some serious trouble. Cancer. Divorce. A death in the family.

But you don’t need to hit rock bottom to start shifting. You don’t need a big, external wake up call. I’m here to teach you to be your own.

I know firsthand that we have the choice to live a life that truly inspires us. One that makes us feel electrically alive, while we step into our magnificent radiance.

Our heart is our lighthouse, the beacon of our soul, and it’s waiting for us to let our life force shine.

Carolina Migliaccio with laptop and dog
Carolina Migliaccio standing arms raised

I’m Carolina Migliaccio

The audacious spark who reminds you of your electric aliveness.

I sashayed away from the big Corporate Branding Executive sandbox to play in pivotal spaces that are reshaping the world.

If you’re here, you’re standing at a fork in the road and wondering which end is rightside up for you. You’re not sure about which path will actually ignite your passion and sense of self.

Together, we’ll leverage your philosophies, strengths, and beliefs to set you up with successes that fill your soul.

Forget about performative achievements. This is pure transformative power that defines your version of ultimate wealth.

You have the complete freedom to live a life you love, on your own terms. The choice is yours.

When you make the choice to be in alignment with what you truly desire, your life shifts from the habit of inhibition—to freedom & abundance.

I’m here to help. heart

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